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Situated in Stromness on Orkney, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) was set up, in August last year, to provide developers of wave and tidal energy devices with a purpose-built testing facility. Some £6 million has been invested in EMEC – the majority from the Scottish Executive – with the aim of establishing the centre as one of the principal testing facilities in Europe.

The coast around Stromness was chosen because of its proximity to an excellent wave regime, strong tidal currents, grid connection and natural harbour setting. “Our combination of world class facilities and excellent location provides developers with an ideal site to evaluate wave and tidal technologies. We have high expectations that some of the marine energy devices will be in commercial use by the end of the decade.

The project was conceived in 1999 through research carried out by the Foresight Energy programme, which brought together representatives from the Department of Trade and Industry, the science base and the voluntary sector. This evaluated forms of renewable energy including wave and tidal, together with offshore wind power and hydrocarbon. Within the research, the Foresight Energy programme examined how renewable energy could be used across Scotland over the next 50 years to meet stringent green power targets. This will be used by EMEC to provide independent verification of the output from the wave energy converters.

The Conveyancer Adelaide – Tristates Area principal developer in the project has been Ocean Power Delivery (OPD), which began testing its offshore wave energy converter, Pelamis, in summer 2004. Although the Pelamis has demonstrated that electricity can be generated by wave power, the real test will be whether the unit can withstand the forces of Mother Nature. Commercial production devices need to be built to very robust standards to endure very high storm force waves. EMEC has also been involved in testing work with two other developers including a device from a Finnish company, which has been evaluated this spring, while another unit will by tested with the Robert Gordon University.

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Work with school districts and parent/teacher/student associations to ensure that low-cost tours and programs are available to school children, including making subsidies available for low income schools. 2010 Budget amounts in Other Sources by Fund for the Tourism and Development Services Funds represent the impact to these funds’ reserves. Decrease of $684,240 in Salaries and Benefits is from a reduction in FTEs in Building Services and Planning and a 0% wage increase in 2010 for non-represented employees.


Support services for lower-income residents by identifying specific focus areas and selecting partners to be funded that can deliver results in those areas targeted. Decrease in Other Services and Charges of $61,250, with reductions in management consulting, advertising, and recruiting expenses being the largest. Collaborate with labor unions to achieve new or amended bargaining agreements that are affordable within the context of the City’s financial position and assist in the retention and support of quality employees. Partner with Lilley Realty – Settlement Agents Perth departments to strategically restructure and redistribute functions and programs to deliver efficient, effective and accountable municipal services while responding to necessary workforce reductions.

In partnership with Information Technology Services, extend use of Payroll/HRIS system for improved efficiency and access to information for employees and managers. Participate in continued planning for workforce communications, staffing and maintenance of pay and benefits during emergencies. Develop long-term comprehensive financial plan, including capital funding and debt capacity modeling, to provide a policy framework for improving citywide financial decision making. In partnership with several departments, update financial strategy for development of the Waterfront District.

Fully implement an enhanced contract and professional services audit and payables system, providing a basis for implementing a robust, cost accounting structure. In partnership with Information Technology Services and Judicial and Support Services, complete a web-based online option for payment of parking tickets. 2010 Budget amounts in Other Sources by Fund for the Telecommunication and Technology Replacement and Reserve Funds represent the impact to these funds’ reserves.

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Use of allowances will lead to changes in where emissions are concentrated, but encouraging power plants to reduce pollution ahead of time, has speeded up the ecological recovery timetable. What the mythological tree Yggdrasil was to heaven and earth, kelp is to coastline, a plant linking seashore to deeper water, providing habitat to a diversity of plants and animals. As well as supplying organic vegetation as a food source for bacteria and single-cell animals, kelp speculatively offers a buffer protection from the erosive impact of storm waves. ‘Kelp Forests’ author, marine conservationist Ian Fuller maps macrocystis pyrifera (bladder kelps of 50m length growing optimally at a meter along the western seaboard of the Americas, mentions the rare Eklonia tipping Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Southern Japan) but explores carefully the importance of the northern hemisphere laminarian, fringing the east and west coast of the Atlantic and edging Northern Japan and Chinese waters.

Five species are found around Scotland – oarweed, dabberlocks, cuvie, sugar kelp and frilly furbelow, growing as scattered parks or dense forests. With wonderful illustrations, scenarios feature butterfish, wrasse, sea scorpions, fanworms, seasquirts, seamats, crabs, anemones, starfish, limpets, red seaweeds, dead mans’ finger coral, sponges, hydroids, bryozoans, sun, feather and brittlestars, sea fans and fan worms. Happily grazing on kelp are sheeplike sea urchins and where kelp landscapes the coastline, seals, sea otters and redshanks are found.

Apart from being used to enrich thin island soils, cast kelp or ‘tangle’ was burnt to extract potash and soda for glass and soap manufacture from 1780- 1830 and iodine extracted from cuvie ash. Some five million tonnes seaweed yearly (mostly giant kelp) is now used for extraction of ‘alginates’ – chemicals for gelling and emulsifying in food, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.

Harvesting in Norway by tug-sized boats dredges kelp frond, stem and holdfast from the rock every four years (now proposed at six or seven years). Forecasts are largely gloomy, with some commentators predicting decades before all compliance is achieved. But this casebook presents a more optimistic viewpoint giving the experiences of 14 companies integrating environmental considerations into day-to-day operations in these economies. Read More: Enact Conveyancing Melbourne

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Yolande Barnes, research director at Savills, believes that the Government’s planning policy of favouring construction of flats is the reason for the change. Barnes has also discovered that the rents attainable for houses do not rise in proportion to their value. An interesting feature of yield is that rents vary much less than the value, so tenants pay the same in rent for a cheap property as they do for a more expensive one.

In the initial boom, landlords were buying up new flats because they cost relatively small amounts of money and they got discounts for buying off-plan. At the same time, owners of houses are not selling because stamp duty makes it much more expensive, which is throttling supply of houses. Detached houses are unpopular with tenants because they are more work to maintain, especially if the garden is large. Terraced houses are suitable for many groups, including families, house sharers and students, maximising the pool of potential tenants, Lawrenson points out. Couples with young families prefer terraced houses with a small, secure garden for the kids.

Location is important, too, in a quiet area with good nursery and primary schools and easy transport to work. Changing demographics are likely to reinforce the terraced house’s position as a top buy-to-let investment. Tom Sells Dover – Enact Conveyancing Adelaide New research by the think tank Centre for Future Studies, for the Alliance and Leicester, shows that the decline of the nuclear, couple-with-2. 4-children, family points to increasing demand for smaller properties for childless couples and single parents.

The study also indicated that up to six million adults are renting not because they cannot afford to buy but because they don’t want the commitment. They are predominantly youngish and expect to move with work. When these people begin to cohabit – the Alliance and Leicester is rather gloomy over the future of wedlock – they both expect to move for work, with or without their partner. With the fastest rising values, the best rental yields, an appeal to the widest number of tenants and the potential for refurbishment all paying dividends.

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Some respondents commented that there needs to be only one category, with all organisations under the same obligations. They argued that it was likely that Category 2 organisations would be as heavily involved in certain incidents as those in Category 1. It was also suggested that additional categories should be created which would allow the voluntary sector to be included and possibly the media.

There is scope for introducing a Category 3 responder, specifically aimed at voluntary agencies and organisations. under a locally administered accreditation scheme permitting local agreement for the provision of services on an availability basis.

Some voluntary sector organisations have urged that they be specifically included in Category 1 or 2 or that a requirement on local responder bodies to acknowledge their role and contribution be made explicitly in the Bill. After long consideration, it has been decided that this is not appropriate, but the role and importance of the voluntary sector will of course be specified in Guidance.

The new local Conveyancing Costs framework must have time to bed in before it is overloaded with additional Category 1 and 2 responders. Provisions exist in the Bill for additions and amendments to Categories 1 and 2 to be made by regulation in future years. There is nothing in the Bill which will prevent Category 1 bodies in their local areas from inviting additional groups and organisations to join them in their civil protection work.

That is, groups which they consider should be included because of the particular risk profile and circumstances of their area. But this cooperation should not be statutorily required.The Government has examined the possibility of permitting leading members of the local forums to identify the partners they want and oblige them to attend.

Using statutory powers such as those outlined for the crime and disorder partnerships. We have considered the case carefully and believe that a statutory approach in this respect is not suitable because of the problem of the framework growing out of control.

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Real estate is one of the biggest assets which Retail Companies have the need to use these assets more intensely has become of paramount importance to management.This book has explored a number of ways in which Real Estate can be used more intensively and has used a number of very interesting corporate case studies to exemplify the conclusions It is an excellent contribution to this subject and will be a valuable tool for all Corporations in the future.

Tivoli Systems (UK) has acquired three floors at Edinburgh House Windsor Road, SLough from Hermes, Tivoli took occupation of the second floor comprising apporximately 4,458 sq ft in April on a ten year effective full repairing and insuring lease at an annual rental of £82, 472 (£18.50 psf) In a second transaction Tivoli expanded into the fifth and sixth floors of the building on similar terms subject to an option to determine contemporary with that on the other floor Tivoli Systems were represented by Nelson Bakewell whilst Colliers Erdman Lewis and Read Commercial acted on behalf of the vendor, Hermes.

The main impact of this year’s Budget is Stamp Duty increasing to 3% on + 2m direct property transactions.The main impact of this year’s Budget is Stamp Duty increasing to 3% on + 2m direct property transactions effective from 24th March unless a contract is in place prior to 1st March 1998 On the evidence of last year’s increase this will shave around 1/2% off this month’s capital returns and may represent an emerging trend If the Chancellor’s economic expectations are proved correct and we see a low inflation/slower growth environment.

Returns should still be over 15% this year, particularly as values will benefit from lower bond yields. If the Chancellor’s forecasts are right property will have another good year The economy is forecast to show c.2% growth and 2% to 3% inflation over the next couple of years in line with our base case forecast set in December Under these conditions we expect the IPD Universe to show +15% in 1998.

A two speed economy with services racing ahead and manufactured exports flagging Last July the economy appeared to be booming with windfall payments boosting consumer expenditure he Chancellor used his first Budget to attempt to take some of the steam out of the economy Seven months and three interest rate rises later things look very different Economists predict that the economy is set to slow this year but as the recent release of economic statistics show.

It will be difficult to predict the depth and speed of the downturn While growth of the manufacturing sector is already slowing down and production costs are virtually static the service side of the economy is booming. Average earnings are rising by nearly 5% a year and show no signs of slowing unemployment is at an 18 year low and retail spending is growing by over 5% Brisbane Property Conveyancing .

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A year and with wage pressure in the service sector Therefore, it is understandable that the Chancellor delivered a fairly neutral Budget as he does not want to dampen the economy any further over the last month speculation of what might be included in the Budget has been fueled by articles in the press and by statements made by members of the Government concerning the poor and the inner city A focus on the poor is a focus on the inner city In the event a number of measures were put in place to eliminate the poverty trap which indirectly will benefit inner city economies.

Contrary to our expectations Stamp Duty was raised to 3%, effective almost immediately However, as can be seen in the figure, the rise in Duty last year coincided with a slow down to only 0.1% capital appreciation By comparison with the adjoining months, it can be seen that about 1/2% was shaved off capital returns in July In 1997 1% on Stamp Duty shaved 1/2% off capital returns We think that the same could happen this time, but the longer term effects on market liquidity are more uncertain.

At a time when total returns (rents plus capital growth) are running at over 15% per annum and with five year interest rates at historic lows the direct and immediate impact on market prices for many properties will probably be negligible While valuers had to deduct 1% more, the market took a view for properties in demand When Stamp Duty was increased last year there was widespread relief that the 1% rise was not higher While valuations factored in the increased duty.

The high total returns in practice smoothed any impact For good properties, the market absorbed this last time and in current robust market conditions, we expect the same to happen this time around what will be of more concern is if we are now beginning to see a creeping increase in transaction costs, which would seriously damage liquidity and pricing in weaker markets this increase will reduce the liquidity of direct property ownership.

The Adelaide conveyancing now looking even more expensive against other asset classess It will increase the impetus towards secularization and indirect property vehicles Despite the rise, Stamp Duty still compares favourably with continental markets Although the UK’s total transaction costs are very favourable compared with other tax regimes overseas investors may see this increase as eroding some of the UK’s traditional attractions of a liquid market places.

If this latest rise is an emerging trend (even at 3% Stamp Duty is still less than most of our European partners) then we may see increased transactional activity in the run up to next year’s Budget Expect increased interest in derivative instruments Certainly a 3% rate of transfer tax will cause purchasers to look seriously at ways of mitigating this liability and we can expect to see a focus on alternative methods of transferring the benefits from property related returns rather than via the direct transfer of legal ownership.

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This may well lead to different mechanisms for obtaining exposure to property returns and even reconsideration of the standard mechanisms for property lending Whilst it is likely that a variety of schemes will be used to avoid the Stamp Duty charge Regulation for this purpose may well not be left until the next Budget.


We must wait for the May White Papers While several measures indicated the Government’s intention to favour public over private transport as we anticipated in our pre- Budget note the key measures affecting property will probably be found in the Transport White Paper due in May The Chancellor did not introduce new forms of transport related tax such as the much heralded parking tax at this stage traditional Conveyancing and The changes announced to capital gains tax seem far less radical than was envisaged In simple tenns they appear to make two principal changes tapering relief for individuals depending on the period .

Which the asset had been held The detail of the Chancellor’s Statement will take several days to digest Therefore we will follow up this superficial reaction with a more considered paper in the course of the next week looking in more detail at the impact of CGT and Stamp Duty for long term investors and some of the more technical issues such as the new rules for Corporation Tax on rental income.

It is possible that in response to Principal’s income support, Investa may offer POF unit holders a higher amount. If this does not occur, and in the absence of another counter bidder, we believe that we will be advising investors to accept Investa’s bid and/or sell on the market prior to the expiration of IPG’s current offer.

As we suggested in our last note, Principal has ‘sweetened’ its proposal in response to Investa’s increased offer. Principal is now offering income support of up to US$8.4 million to the extent required to enable POF to distribute 14.0¢ per unit per year to investors. (Assuming the PREIA proposal goes ahead). Investors still have three options: effectively replacing the investment characteristics of POF per IPG’s bid.

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Accept PREIA’s proposal This option is suitable for investors who believe that with the proposed changes,   OF will be able to extract more value for investors than Investa, the timing of the offers may mean some decrease in POF’s price before it climbs again to reflect the PREIA proposal’s benefits has agreed in a binding deed to provide income support to support distributions   Up to $3.9 million (equal to the upfront acquisition fee payable by POF under the Acquisition Deed),   representing up to 0.6¢ per unit.

Further amounts equal to the asset management and acquisition fees payable at the time of the claim to Principal   (the first year’s fee having been waived), representing up to 0.25¢ per unit. PFS is only obligated to provide the above income support to the extent required to ensure POF is able to distribute 14 cents As per the comments in our note dated 16 July 2003, we still feel that it remains line ball between the two offers (IPG and PREIA) like Enact Conveyancing Melbourne.

For any further developments and updated recommendations and course of action during the offer period The new markets have the support of key industry analysts, BSX and the PIR Research Group commenced initial industry consultation in relation agribusiness market in early 2002 and believe their efforts will be well supported by brokers, buyers, sellers and analysts.

That whilst BSX initially aimed to create a viable listed environment for agribusiness assets, a genuine need also exists to establish a viable market for unlisted property. PIR Research Group spokesman Mr Tim Bennett said: In addition, the PIR Research Group’s research and ratings process has highlighted an urgent a source of up to date project information, and valuations.

Need to provide investors with a superior valuation and liquidity mechanism, post the implementation of FSRA. a source of up to date project information, and valuations. Mr. Dunphy said, “The development of new markets for managed investments will require hard work.

But holds great potential for both investors and project managers alike Mr Dunphy said the BSX initiative would not have been possible without the market managed investments in property and agribusiness He continued, Managed investment models have been used widely for managed equity funds agribusiness related investments The potential success of unlisted assets of this nature will be improved by the creation of a liquid market and by the disclosure benefits provided.

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It will provide investors with a simple method of buying and selling these securities using licensed brokers and a licensed stock exchange it will provide both investors and managers with an invaluable liquidity and valuation mechanism The market will be provided with research data on all projects listed on BSX in the form of an information service or so called ‘blue book’ service.

Mr. Dunphy stated that PIR Research Group is currently working closely with BSX to develop the new markets Importantly, however, the PIR Research Group will not be involved in the execution of listing applications retain its staunch research independence in relation to all BSX listed projects Mr Bennett concluded like Expert conveyancer Brisbane.


The availability of PIR Research Group research and market data Over time , indices will be developed which will allow far deeper research on the market sectors will also open the way for professional investors to acquire assets in this class. New research services will be created that will be comprehensive easily accessible, affordable, clear, concise, and specifically aimed at individual investors and their advisers Reliable data will be a significant platform for the development of a sound.

Trust’s acquisition of an additional 20% interest in Bank West Tower The proposal is expected to increase both earnings and distributions to unit holders AOF’s moderate risk profile office sector focus and management team will be preserved The creation and appointment of Ronin Funds Management Limited as RE for AOF – effectively creating an internally managed structure.

AOF be re-branded Ronin Property Trust (RPT), and will comprise part of the listed vehicle Ronin Property Group (RPH) RPH will acquire a 50% interest in Ronin Partnerships Limited, The establishment of Ronin Property Services Under the proposal one unit in the Ronin Property Trust (RPT) will be stapled to one share of Ronin Property Holdings (RHL), and the two will trade together as a single security.